Group Therapy and Workshops For Teens

Did You Know?

42% of teens report that they are stressed, but don't feel that they have the tools to manage their stress effectively (American Psychological Association).  Our teen therapy groups are designed to help teens learn the tools and develop the skills to succeed!

Benefits of The Group Experience

“Group” gives teens the opportunity to share their experiences, give advice, receive support and feel a sense of community and belonging under the supervision and direction of a licensed professional.  It helps them recognize that they are not alone in their struggles and gives them the opportunity to feel validated from peers that are experiencing similar struggles, while exploring ways to catalyze change.

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How Can Group Therapy Help Your Teen?

Groups are valuable for teens because they are at a developmental stage where connecting with each other is a priority and it provides a powerful place to learn and practice new skills in a safe environment so that they can make effective change. Although group is not a replacement for individual therapy, it can be a great supplement. We are happy to coordinate care with your teen's individual therapist to support their growth.  It can also be an effective first step or step down in care when your teen needs less support but still would benefit from learning and practicing coping skills and sharing current struggles in a safe environment.

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