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What’s Your Eating Style? Find Out With This Quiz

Elevate Coubseling: Eating Patterns Quiz

We make over 200 food-related decisions a day, most of which are unrelated to a grumbling stomach. So, What’s your eating style? Answer these 5 questions to find out and see how it affects your relationship with food. Note: If you are unsure, go with what you usually do. When it comes to eating, I…

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Friday 5: Mental Health

Friday Five: Elevate Counseling Links

Here is what we’ve been reading this week in mental health! This week:   Using anxiety to your advantage, evaluating “expert” opinions, and evidence that acceptance can actually lead to greater perseverance. Some studies show that anxiety can actually be a path to our best selves. To be sure, severe anxiety can be debilitating. But for many people…

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A Brand New Approach To Goal Setting

If you’ve read anything about the traits of first-born children, that’s me. I’m a classic “Type-A” personality. I used a day planner until I purchased my first smartphone, and continue to carry a notebook for “to do” lists with me at all times. In fact, I can be so productive that I WILL NOT write…

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Home For The Holidays…Whether You Like It Or Not!

Home For The Holidays: Elevate Counseling

There are a lot of demands in the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season. You may have school parties to prepare for. Gifts to Buy. Family gatherings. Financial constraints paired with the unlimited imagination of your kids! It doesn’t take much for the Holiday Stress to pile up. The joys of the Holiday Season also…

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Is “Emotional Baggage” Affecting Your Relationships?

Don't let emotional baggage affect your relationship

I don’t want her to go through what I went through” I often meet with concerned parents (mothers in particular) who fear for their daughter’s emotional stability as they move into high school.  The conversation with me often reveals that the mother had her own struggles in high school, be it grades, social pressures, or…

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