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Coping Skills and Strategies

Don’t Think of A Pink Elephant

Have you ever had a thought or a worry that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard you tried to ignore it? Did you know that research shows that trying not to think about something can often make intrusive thoughts more difficult to ignore? Let’s Try An Experiment For the next 30 seconds, think about…

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What’s In Your Emotional Toolbox? Emotional Coping Skills

What do you do when you are Anxious? Stressed? Overwhelmed? There are lots of ways to cope with uncomfortable or distressing feelings. Some ways are more productive and healthy than others. On good days, you may take a walk or talk it out with a close friend or loved one.  But on bad days, you…

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Can’t Sleep? How To Get Those Zzz’s

I love to sleep. My family makes fun of me because I am the earliest to bed each night. But the joke’s on them because I am always the most well-rested! One out of three Americans report that they don’t get enough sleep each night. The National Sleep Foundation recommends an average of 8 hours of Zzz’s per…

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What Is EMDR?

Ever heard of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy? I’ll admit, it’s a mouthful and it sounds weird. Before getting trained in the technique, I thought, “someone looks at some lights and magically feels better?” I was skeptical to say the least. But I was working in a practice with other practitioners who valued empirically…

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