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Who’s Carrying Your Emotional Baggage?

Tips To Break Free From Emotional Baggage

My family just got back from a trip to New York We were meeting my family for a 5-day trip to explore the city, take in the sites, and reconnect.  Before leaving each of us packed our bags for the trip. My two boys and husband filled their bags about 3/4 full, while I filled…

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Computer Limits Not Sticking? You Need A Screen-Time Contract

Is screen-time a hot-button issue in your house?  🔽🔽  Watch The Video Below 🔽🔽 This electronic tug-of-war is a problem that most parents face. And as the mother of two boys, I can relate on both a personal and a professional level. The current recommendations by mental health professionals is a total of no more than 2 hours…

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The Physical Impact of Mental Stress

Early in my career, a man in his 30’s came to me for counseling after spending the better part of a Saturday evening in the emergency room. He thought he had been having a heart attack. “I had all of the typical symptoms that you read about. My heart was racing, I felt a pain…

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5 Signs That Your Child Is Depressed or Anxious

We Save The World By Saving Teenagers In 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics updated its guidelines to call for annual depression screenings for children 12 and older. The clarion call among health experts is in response to a growing number of teens reporting signs of severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Part of the…

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Stomping out ANTS

I remember as a very young child playing outside on a warm summer day. I was fixated on a group of yard toys while sitting on the ground in my summer shorts. Then I felt a sharp sting on my leg. Several more followed. I looked down and realized I was covered in angry fire…

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