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Food Psychology

Do You Struggle With Health-Related Goals?

Elevate Counseling: Why You May Be Falling Short OF Your Healthstyle Goals

A few years ago, a counseling client sat down in my office and looked at me with a guilty expression on her face.  I typically start sessions by asking how the time between sessions has been. We check in on goals, review reactions to situational stressors, and reflect on new learnings over the past week. …

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Stress Eating: What Are You Trying To Feed?

What Is Stress Eating? Stress eating or “emotional eating” is eating in an attempt to make yourself feel better.  In other words, to feed a psychological need rather than a grumbling stomach.  Too often we feed our bodies when it’s our souls that are starving. If this is you, don’t beat yourself up.  Biologically, stress…

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The Perfect Recipe for Family Meals

As a counselor working with families, one of the biggest complaints I hear is that kids and parents feel “disconnected” even though they are living under the same roof. Family members are swamped with demands of work, school, and personal hobbies. Time together sometimes falls by the wayside. I often suggest penciling time around the…

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Is “Self-Sabotage” Real? A Common Myth Regarding Health Goals

I often hear people say that they are  guilty of “self-sabotage.” They use this in terms of relationships, dieting, work opportunities, and general happiness. It’s the idea of self-defeating behavior that prohibits a person from reaching their own goals. But is “self-sabotage” a real thing? Do we really intentionally keep ourselves from happiness? Most often, upon…

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