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Kids and Teens

Want A Deeper Connection With Your Child? Try This

Elevate Counseling: Developing the skill of active listening

One of the most valuable lessons that I learned from my dad was the art of cool-headed, active listening. He wasn’t one to jump into lectures or to give unsolicited advice. He didn’t yell or fly off the handle.  This doesn’t mean that I didn’t get clear messages from him when I had crossed a…

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The Struggles of “Twice Exceptional” Students

Elevate Counseling Gifted and Dyslexic? Twice Exceptional

“I’ve fooled everyone into thinking I’m smart” – The Twice-Exceptional Student When I was in grad school, I had a fellowship at a nonprofit where I tested kids and adults who suspected that they had a reading disorder. This experience was eye-opening. I sat down with countless kids, teens, and adults who would look at me…

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Friday 5: Kids & Teens

Elevate Counseling: Supporting Kids and Teens Mental Health In The Greater Phoenix Area

Here’s What We’ve Been Reading To Support Your Family’s Mental Health An interesting take on the concept of “tickling” our younger children. Some kids love it, but many hate it. Sending the message that kids have autonomy over their own bodies should start at a young age. Tickling can be fun, but some kids hate…

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Not MY Teen? What Parents Need To Know About Teen Dating Violence

Elevate Counseling: Teen Dating Violence: What You Need To Know

Do you think that Emotional or Physical Abuse is possibly a factor in your teen or young adult’s dating relationships? I’m going to guess that you answered “NO”.  81% of adults say that they don’t think that dating violence is an issue for teens.   But here’s the truth:  The APA (or American Psychological Association) surveyed…

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Is Your Teen Struggling? Why Group Therapy Works

Why Tene Group Therapy Works

“What’s Wrong With Me?” A few years ago, a teenaged girl came to me for counseling.  She felt pressure to get good grades, cultivate perfect Instagram posts, and please her parents. Anxiety, harsh self-judgment, and unrealistic expectations weighed her down. She was so overwhelmed she had panic attacks that drove her to isolate herself in…

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