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Kids and Teens

Friday 5: Kids & Teens

Elevate Counseling: Supporting Kids and Teens Mental Health In The Greater Phoenix Area

Here’s What We’ve Been Reading To Support Your Family’s Mental Health This Edition: College applications, first cell phones, and a great youtube resource for your tween! Is your child getting ready to head off to college?  Are you tempted to “help” them with their essay?  Not so fast!  Check out this article from a college admissions…

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How To Talk With Your Teen When You Don’t See Eye-To-Eye

How to talk so your kids hear you

Do Your Kids Accuse You Of Not Listening, Even When You Are? Your teen tells you that they are the only one who has a curfew. EVERYONE else can stay out as late as they’d like. It’s embarrassing to leave the party early and no one wants to sleep at your house because of the…

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Clashing With Your Teen Over Therapy?

Clashing with your teen over therapy? Elevate Counseling

One in five teens has a diagnosable Mental Health Disorder ( If you are concerned that your child has a mental health problem, a substance abuse issue, or a social struggle that is too big for them to handle on their own, treatment is important. Research shows that early intervention with effective therapy increases recovery…

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3 Steps To Effective Limit Setting

3 Steps To Limit Setting

“My Daughter is Turning into a Monster and so am I” Watch the Video Below Early in my counseling career, I met with a mother and her teenage daughter who were both at their wits’ end.  “Nothing I do is right. She’s pushing limits and fighting me at every turn,” the mother said. Her daughter,…

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5 Tips To Cope When School Anxiety Lingers

5 tips to manage school related anxiety

Watch The Video Below! It’s August, and that means school is back in session for most of our kids in Arizona.  The initial excitement over seeing friends and meeting new teachers is starting to wear off and reality is sinking in.  Early mornings and homework are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Social pressures…

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