Mental Health

Need Help with The Homework Battle? Enter The Homework Coach

The Homework Struggle Is Real.  How A Homework Coach Can Help. Does your child struggle to organize and complete schoolwork? Do they “lose” papers between home and class? Does the workload feel overwhelming? Are you up late at night finishing projects that should have been started days, or even weeks ago? These stories are common…

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How To Gain More Than Weight Loss Through Real Food

Find Deeper Reasons For Healthier Eating Long term studies measuring weight loss don’t bode well for chronic dieters. One reason is that dieting often does not lead to new, healthier food adherence or behavioral change. Listen to Jamie Dana, MC, LPC, be interviewed by Darya Rose, Ph.D., author of Foodist and Jamie talks about…

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Get Psyched!

Did you know that 42% of teens report that they are stressed and don’t feel that they have the training or skills to manage their stress? Starting in October, join us for our middle school girls group, where we focus on teaching skills to navigate through peer pressure, school stress, goal-setting, and beyond! Contact us…

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Helping Your Child Cope With The Death Of A Pet

Waldo, the distinguished looking Golden Retriever in this article’s cover picture, had been a large part of our family for 14 years. He taught my husband and me how to be consistent and set boundaries in our household. He kept watch over our oldest son, sleeping next to him every night. Our young Goldendoodle (“Henry:”…

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Identifying “The Shift”

The impact of trauma on the brain and EMDR: Elevate Counseling

Feeling Stuck Do you continually find yourself reacting to situations or behaving in ways that you know aren’t helpful, but you can’t seem to get out of the pattern? Perhaps you know that you are “overreacting”, but you just can’t seem to “help” yourself? Your emotions override your brain. This comes up often in therapy.…

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