Mental Health

5 Grounding Tips To Find Your MECCA

Finding Balance Through MECCA Grounding Techiques

“Our Life Is Shaped By Our Mind, For We Become What We Think.” -Buddha This year has challenged each of us to find new ways to cope with unimaginable change and overwhelming uncertainty. We have had to make daily adjustments to the ways we live, learn, and work in order to get by. These unexpected…

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Friday 5: Health & Wellness

Check out what we’ve been reading to support your mental health & emotional wellness: Google data shows that search interest in gardening this year is up threefold relative to similar time periods in prior years. This could be a good thing for our mental well-being, as a recent study found that gardening may boost mood as…

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Why Is Procrastination SO tempting? How To Move Past Good Intentions

Motivating Passt Good Intention

Why is Procrastination SO tempting? Procrastination is powerful because it’s IMMEDIATELY rewarding.  Think about it: You slowly wake up in your comfy bed Saturday morning. You don’t want to get up to go to the gym or do your list of chores. You think about the pain and discomfort that your previously created plan will impose. Maybe you believe…

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Friday 5: Kids & Teens

Check out what we’ve been reading to support your child’s mental health: Increased family stress, disrupted school routines, and decreased physical activity can all contribute to sleep disturbances, wreaking havoc on a child’s emotional health. These strategies for a restful return to better sleep (I love the “5 B’s”) are useful to help your child whether…

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Want Your Child To Share Their Problems With You?

Parents want open lines of communication with their kids. About both positive moments AND their struggles. In the current environment, it’s arguably more important than ever to have open channels of communication with our youth, as one in six children have a diagnosable Mental Health Disorder ( As parents, there are a number of things we can…

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