Mental Health

Helping Our Kids Find Passion In Learning

Elevate Counseling: Finding Passion In Learning

Self-motivated learning has long been a philosophical ideal in education, and with good reason. People pursue goals, retain information, and feel more satisfaction in projects where they can identify meaning and purpose. Enter the use of “Passion Projects.” “Passion Projects” encourage individuals to ask questions, pursue personal interests, engage in research, and then CREATE something…

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Am I The Victim Of Vicarious Trauma?

Understanding Vicarious Trauma

To better understand the power of our minds, I’d invite you to try an experiment. Picture a piece of chocolate cake. Imagine yourself pressing a fork into the cake and scooping up a bite. Notice the heavy scent of the chocolate. The frosting is moist and thick. Now lift the fork into your mouth. If…

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Friday 5: Kids & Teens

Elevate Counseling: Supporting Kids and Teens Mental Health In The Greater Phoenix Area

Check out what we’ve been reading to support your/your child’s mental health: There was an epidemic of anxiety and depression in kids before Covid, but the isolation of the past year threw gas on the fire. Teens need open communication regarding mental wellness now more than ever. Here’s how parents can proactively work to reduce…

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I Hear You: Developing The Skill Of Active Listening

The Art Of Active Listening

Communication issues between parents and teens are common concerns in therapy. The rapid physical, emotional, and cognitive changes that happen during adolescence can put a strain on parent-child relationships. Teens often feel misunderstood, and parents often feel at a loss for how to help. Developing a practice of active listening can bridge the gap. Feeling…

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Building Resiliency In Our Kids

fostering resilience in our kids

“Persistence and resiliency only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.”― Gever Tulley There are uncertainties that are part of growing up in the complex world in which we live. While we may reflect upon the yesteryears fondly as adults, the truth is, at times, childhood can be anything but…

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