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Our 10-Week Circle of Security® Parenting™ Program

Parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences of life.  But the path of parenting is not without its bumps. Parents often ask themselves, "Am I doing the right things to help my child grow into the best person they can be?"

Some of the common questions parents ask when their child is struggling are:

  • How can I stop my child from behaving like this?
  • What can I do to manage their behavior?
  • Why do they seem to only respond to negative attention?
    How can I improve my relationship with my child when they are driving me crazy?

At Elevate Counseling, we pose and solve the question, "What is your child's behavior trying to tell you?" The best way to get children (and people in general) to work effectively with you is to learn to understand them and strive for positive, stable, and supportive relationships. This is why we now offer Circle of Security® Parenting™ programs at our office.

The Circle of Security Parenting program helps parents:

  • Understand their child’s emotional world and respond to their emotional needs
  • Support their child’s ability to successfully manage emotions in order to reduce tantrums
  • Enhance their child’s self-esteem through positive relationship building
  • Honor your innate wisdom and capitalize on your parenting strengths

Circle of Security Parenting© is an evidence-based curriculum supporting parent-child relationship development.  The program is led by Sofia Philips, MSW, LMSW, a registered Circle of Security Parenting facilitator with over 18 years of experience working with children and their families. This program helps to educate caregivers by discussing secure and problematic parent/child interaction, trouble-shooting current parenting problems and setting families up for success with tools to manage future parenting roadblocks.

For More on the Circle of Security Parenting© model, click here

The Details:

To answer questions and make sure that "group" is a good fit for you, we begin with a complimentary 15-minute parental phone consult.  If it sounds like a good fit, we'll move forward and meet with you and your child in person.  Schedule your complimentary screening here.

Dates and Times: Groups meet in the evenings once a week and run for 1 hour.

Cost of Group:  Group fees are paid upfront and charged monthly at the rate of $50 per session.  The 30-minute initial intake session is $60.  This fee will be waived for current and previous clients of Elevate Counseling. Fees are nonrefundable without prior authorization.

Seats are limited to 10 participants so everyone has a space and can be heard.

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