Food For Thought

Create A Healthy Relationship
with Your Food and Body

We live in a food and body obsessed world.  The primary message many take from popular culture is that our worth is based on appearance. The average age for first “diets” among American girls is age 8, with 80% of 10-year olds reporting that they’ve attempted to diet (The Eating Disorder Foundation, For many, this body and food focus continues well into adulthood, impacting relationships and self-esteem, and creating feelings of powerlessness, self-judgment, and negative body image.

What You Look Like And How You See Yourself Are Not One-In-The-Same.

If You:

  • Struggle with disordered eating thoughts, judging food groups as “good” or “bad”
  • Live on the “diet roller coaster”
  • Feel anxious or depressed about your body
  • Are at a loss as to how to change your relationship with food
  • Suspect that you have an eating disorder

We Can Help You To:

  • Identify and overcome barriers blocking a healthy relationship with food
  • Develop a plan to move and eat for the life you want to live
  • Regain perspective on your food and your body
  • Eat and exercise to find something deeper than your waist line
  • Begin to treat your body like it belongs to someone you love
Jamie Dana, MC, LPC

Jamie Dana, MC, LPC specializes in body image issues and disordered eating patterns and is well versed in the science behind food psychology. She uses evidence-based strategies to help you make lasting change and reach your mental wellness goals.