Friday 5: Health and Wellness

Here are my go to spots this week for finding solid information about your mental and physical health!

If you live in Phoenix and are wondering what time of year to buy local sweet corn or apricots, check out this Phoenix month-by-month guide to fruits and vegetables.

A recent long-term study published in the journal Scientific Reports found that higher levels of sugar consumption correlated with higher levels of depression, especially in men.(Forbes)

High intensity workouts are gaining traction everywhere. But are they really the best way to sustained physical fitness? New research shows that a one-size approach may not yield the best results. No surprise there! (Science Daily)

Stephan Guyenet explains the role of dopamine on food cravings. By spiking dopamine (a neurotransmitter in the brain), our bodies are naturally rewarded by salt, sugar and fat. Although this was helpful to our ancestors when food wasn’t always available, it can create serious problems in todays food-available environment.(

Relying on willpower? Making permanent change requires an actionable, measurable plan. This blog post by Benjamin P. Hardy (a Ph.D. candidate studying organizational psychology) walks you through the process. (

Jamie Dana, MC, LPC, combines her knowledge in the realm of food and science nutrition with her therapeutic training in mental health to help you shift your thoughts and and make lasting changes. Specialties include evidence based approaches to adolescent angst, anxiety and trauma, disordered eating, and health and wellness. Contact her to schedule an initial appointment today.

Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana, MC, LPC, helps teens and adults overcome mental roadblocks and achieve their goals to live an elevated life. Specialties include research-based interventions to address stress and anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, eating issues and struggles of the gifted and high-achieving population. For more information about her techniques, services and additional resources to help you succeed, check her out at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also Contact her to schedule an initial appointment today