Friday 5: Health & Wellness

Here are my go-to spots this month for finding solid information about your mental and physical well-being!

Wonder if your metabolism of a “normal”? Here is a great article by VOX  explaining how accurate metabolism is measured and what goes into it. It’s more complicated than you think. (VOX)

Preventing muscle loss as we age: One of the most important things we can do to increase enjoyment and longevity of life. (New York Times)  

How taking weight-loss off the table and focusing on personally meaningful, healthy behaviors may be the best shot for true wellness. Why You Should Stop Trying To Lose Weight (The Washington Post)  

Cooking with your kids has been shown to promote a positive relationship with food, healthier eating habits, and stronger personal connections.  It’s never to early to start with helping hands in the kitchen.  Here’s an age-by-age guideline for kitchen tasks. (Washington Post)

Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana, MC, LPC, helps teens and adults overcome mental roadblocks and achieve their goals to live an elevated life. Specialties include research-based interventions to address stress and anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, eating issues and struggles of the gifted and high-achieving population. For more information about her techniques, services and additional resources to help you succeed, check her out at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also Contact her to schedule an initial appointment today