Friday Five: Elevate Counseling Links

Friday Five: Mental Wellness

Here is what we’ve been reading this week in mental health!

This week:   Practicing mindfulness to reduce anxiety, What stops us from overcoming roadblocks, and perfectionism paralysis.

  • I talk a lot about focusing on the present moment in order to reduce anxiety. Stress, doubt, and fear often come from an attachment to a specific outcome, which is often out of our control.  But what can you focus on, if not the outcome?  Here are some ideas. (
  • We’re evolutionarily predisposed to nitpick at our failings, yet doing so has the opposite of the intended effect. 3 steps to shift negative thinking. (New York Times)
  • Are you a perfectionist? Our strengths sometimes transform into our kryptonite. It can fly under the radar and masquerade as the pursuit of high standards, yet it overlaps with a plethora of disorders from eating to obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, body dysmorphia, depression, and suicide. (Mindshift)

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Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana, MC, LPC, helps teens and adults overcome mental roadblocks and achieve their goals to live an elevated life. Specialties include research-based interventions to address stress and anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, eating issues and struggles of the gifted and high-achieving population. For more information about her techniques, services and additional resources to help you succeed, check her out at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also Contact her to schedule an initial appointment today