Gifted and High Achievers Workshops

Gifted students possess advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity- creating inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm.

If your teen says:

  • “Nobody likes me or understands me.”
  • “The other kids are immature” or “I don't connect with my classmates.”
  • “Everyone expects me to be perfect.”
  • “I'm stupid.”
Then our Gifted and High Achievers Workshops might be right your Child.

These Workshops Are For High Achieving And Gifted Kids Who:

  • Experience anxiety, depression and isolation
  • Are unnecessarily hard on themselves or limit themselves due to fear of failure
  • Report an absence of deep connections with their peers
  • Tend to express negative, rigid or perfectionistic thinking towards themselves or others
  • Need an active support system of peers that understand their struggles

So That They Can:

  • Cope with difficult feelings in a healthy way
  • Feel comfortable taking appropriate risks and recognize that "readjusting" does not mean "failure"
  • Create and maintain healthy relationships
  • Begin to challenge irrational thoughts and shift inflexible thinking
  • Connect with other kids who understand the challenges and frustrations of thinking differently than their peers.

The Details:

Workshops are run on a quarterly basis based on need and interest.

Dates and Times: Workshops meet in the evenings or weekends and typically run for 2 hours.

Cost:  Workshop costs range between $50-$100, depending on topic and activity. fees are paid upfront and at the time of event. Fees are nonrefundable without prior authorization.

Seats are limited to 8-10 so everyone has a space and can be heard.

Gifted and High Achievers Workshop Application

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