Helping Growing Professionals and Entrepreneurs
in Northwest Phoenix

Are you advancing in your career or deciding to step out on your own and pave a new path?

You know what it takes to "get it done," but oftentimes this drive can be frustrating at best, and paralyzing, at worst. Elevate Counseling provides mental health counseling for entrepreneurs. We specialize in helping driven, high-achieving, type-A individuals.

Clients we work with often tell us that they:

  • Say that they are "charismatic" but struggle internally
  • Feel like they’re “spinning their wheels”
  • Are losing sleep
  • Feel anxious and stressed
  • Have unrealistic expectations towards themselves or their team
  • Struggle to effectively motivate employees
  • Find that their personal relationships are suffering
  • Have success but are ready to take things to “the next level.”

3 Out Of 4 Venture-Backed Start-Ups Fail.

It's little wonder why entrepreneurs experience higher levels of anxiety compared to the general population. We'll help you identify your roadblocks, examine your life and career goals, determine actionable steps and help you succeed.

If You Could Do It On Your Own, You Would Have

Entrepreneurs often juggle many roles and face countless setbacks - lost customers, disputes with partners, increased competition, staffing problems, and making payroll month after month.

We recognize both the blessings and curses of "running fast" in your mind,  and can teach you to utilize effective coping strategies to intentionally slow down to perform optimally.