Support For High Achieving
And Gifted Individuals

At Elevate Counseling, we celebrate quirky personalities, immense talent, and creative thinking, as well as embrace the unique challenges that come with being gifted.

In our experience working with gifted individuals, certain issues repeatedly come up in therapy:

  • Heightened levels of sensitivity and intensity
  • Existential depression and advanced empathy
  • Anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Organizational issues and difficulty multi-tasking
  • Asynchronous development
  • 2e issues (twice exceptional)
  • Multipotentiality

Counseling that is specifically designed for gifted and exceptionally bright individuals is different because the causes of underlying problems are different.

Gifted and High Achieving children and adults possess advanced cognitive abilities and heightened intensity which creates inner experiences and awareness that is different from those of their peers.   It impacts all aspects of their lives: their emotional, social, educational/vocational and spiritual well-being.

They often have an insatiable curiosity, advanced mental ability, surprising intensity, and an abundance of thought-provoking questions. For the gifted individual, the ability to take concepts and ideas to the next level is not a choice; it's something they automatically do without trying.  While this can be a great asset in school or work, it can also cause problems.


We Help Gifted and High Achievers:

  • Learn effective ways to communicate, cooperate and solve problems
  • Manage the side effects of mentally "running too fast" and develop the necessary skills to "slow down" thinking when it benefits you the most.
  • Evaluate both the blessings and the burdens of being gifted and develop insight into how to use those talents effectively.
  • Address co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety and depression, through scientifically-validated treatment modalities

We Get You

Jamie Dana and her team have extensive experience working with the gifted population.  Members of our team are parents of gifted students, partners of gifted spouses, or are gifted themselves and understand the struggles you face from multiple perspectives.  Jamie has spent over 15 years working in the field evaluating and providing support for 2e and gifted individuals and their families.  She has been called on to provide her expertise at conferences and professional development seminars for professionals working with the gifted and high achieving population.

Beyond Labels

Although a label can be helpful for many to understand a set of characteristics or traits, we recognize that each individual is unique. When we work with gifted children, teens and adults, we are careful not to make assumptions about people just because they are gifted. We see our role as working collaboratively with you, so that together we come to understand underlying problems, explore potentially needed tools, and develop skills and solutions to live an elevated life.