Organizational/Homework Coaching
in Phoenix

Does Your Child

  • Struggle to complete schoolwork?
  • Have difficulty getting started on assignments at home?
  • Have emotional outbursts surrounding school responsibililties?
  • Find themselves overwhelmed by missing assignments?
  • Forget work, or do it and forget to turn it in?

If so, they may have an Executive Functioning issue.

Executive functioning refers to the basic skills of self-management that allow us to set goals and achieve them.

This may be due to an underlying disorder, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety or Depression, or it may also be due to a new school environment, increased work demands, or a busy schedule.

We can provide the necessary support to help your child organize their work and explicitly teach the necessary skillset for managing multiple demands and stay on top of their game.


Executive Functioning Coaching

Our executive functioning coaches go into clients' homes and schools to help parents and teachers set up appropriate levels of structure. Think of this like a personal trainer for school responsibilities or getting stuff done. If your child struggles with homework or needs support in figuring out how to get "motivated", an executive functioning coach may be the ticket. Coaches work with ages 5-college, helping families organize, develop strategies and take actionable steps to stay on schedule.

Do YOU struggle with organization in YOUR home or work day?

It is nearly impossible to teach these skills when you struggle with them yourself. Elevate Counseling’s coaches offer support to adults with executive functioning deficits as well.  We provide support to help you get organized and explicitly teach the necessary skillset for managing multiple demands.

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