Dealing with the loss of a pet

How To Help Your Child Grieve The Death Of A Pet

The first major addition to our household was our dog, Waldo. The memory of driving home with our new little puppy in my lap always brings a smile to my face. He taught my husband and me how to be consistent and set boundaries in our household. And he happily took on the role of playmate and overseer to our first son who was born a year later. Waldo lived a life that reminded us to slow down and enjoy the little things like an evening walk, or a delicious bone. I guess the rest of us never really got the bone thing, but you get the picture. When he passed away, after 14 wonderful years with us, I knew that our boys would need a lot of support in dealing with the death of their beloved pet.

The loss of a pet is oftentimes the first close loss a child experiences. In this Phoenix Mom’s Blog article, I talk about how to support your child and create a space for healing.

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Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana

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