Jill Johnson, MA, LPC

Hi, I’m Jill Johnson.

I am passionate about helping adults learn the necessary tools for effective communication as well as to recognize and feel empowered to create healthy boundaries in their relationships.

Oftentimes, earlier experiences in life teach us to accept less than what we should from other people.  This is not your fault, and is often understandable, given previous circumstances. But if circumstances are different now, you may be ready for change. My specialized training and expertise can help you to gain the insight you need to heal and grow.  I believe any therapeutic relationship begins with open and honest communication. I'm fairly direct in my approach to counseling. You will find me to be both a voice of reason as well as your biggest cheerleader on your road to health.

In my free time, I enjoy relaxing at my new home with my husband and three kitties. I also enjoy taking walks in the evenings and playing cards.

My specialties include:


Jill Johnson, MA, LPC

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