Media Spotlights and Speaking Engagements


3TV Good Morning AZ: Empower Your Teen

According to the American Psychological Association Stress in America Survey, our teenagers are the "most stressed out Americans." Thanks Heidi Goitia and Good Morning Arizona for inviting me to talk about empowering our teens!

3TV Good Morning AZ: Empower Your Teen

Do you find yourself "stress eating" or judging yourself for unhealthy "food decisions?"

This is a very real struggle for many people, both inside and outside of my counseling office. I'm excited to share this podcast episode of "Feel Amazing Naked" where I talk with Amanda Walker, health-style blogger and coach, about the "why's" and the "what to do's" regarding emotional eating!

Summer Tomato Podcast

Listen to Jamie Dana, MC, LPC, be interviewed by Darya Rose, Ph.D., author of Foodist and  Here, Jamie talks about the effects of real food on mental health, how to make meaningful habit change, and why what you look like and how you see yourself are not one-in-the-same.

Summer Tomato Podcast


Speaking Engagements

We love to talk about our specialties. Recent topics have included:

  • Advocating for The Gifted Student: Classroom and Home Interventions That Work
  • Helping Your Anxious High Achiever
  • The Challenges of Social Media
  • Taking the Hassle Out of Homework
  • Burn-Out Prevention and Self-Care in Practice
  • Food Psychology: How to Eat Without Going Mental
  • Positive Parenting and Improving Communication
  • Developing a "Growth" Mindset
  • How to be a Boss Boss: Reaching Goals by Improving Relationships in the Workplace

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