Mom’s Blog Contribution: Are You An Over-Apologizer?

The other day I met a friend for lunch.  She was running about 15 minutes behind schedule.  When she arrived, she immediately apologized for her tardiness (due to traffic, and still within what most would consider acceptable limits).  “No big deal,” I responded. Through the course of the meal, I noticed, that she also issued apologies to the waiter when she had questions about the menu, after she sneezed, when she requested more water, and when she needed to go to the bathroom (probably from all of that water!).  Noticing a trend of largely unnecessary apologies, I asked her if she’d ever considered herself to be an “over-apologizer.”  

Apologizing is necessary. Over-Apologizing is not.

Check out my latest blog post for North Phoenix Moms where I talk about over-apologizing and how shifting your perspective by saying “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry” can increase both your appreciation of others as well as your own self-esteem.

Are You An Over Apologizer? Is ‘Thank You’ More Appropriate?

Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana

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