Mom’s Blog Contribution: Finding A Sense Of Purpose

Have you heard of the juggernaut, Mom’s Blog Network? It touts itself as the “nation’s largest collection of hyper-local mom” resources, and I’m excited to announce that I’m the newest addition to the North Phoenix writing team! Each month, I’ll be writing articles on how Phoenix moms can best support their kid’s and their own mental health.

For my first article, I wrote about “How To Help Your Kids Find A Sense Of Purpose,” and what you may be doing to inadvertently snuff out the flame. I also did a Facebook Live video on the topic, which I’ve linked to below, if you’d prefer to watch rather than read (no judging!). Check them out and let me know what you think.

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In this email & video series, I provide simple parenting shifts to help you understand your teen’s brain, improve communication, manage anxiety (yours AND theirs), and set screentime limits that stick!

Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana, MC, LPC, helps teens and adults overcome mental roadblocks and achieve their goals to live an elevated life. Specialties include research-based interventions to address stress and anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, eating issues and struggles of the gifted and high-achieving population. For more information about her techniques, services and additional resources to help you succeed, check her out at or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also Contact her to schedule an initial appointment today