Parent and Family Counseling

"If you want to improve your golf swing, or your business bottom line, you hire a coach.  Why wouldn't you do the same thing for parenting?"

Who It's For and How it Can Help

Sometimes kids can make effective change in other environments but fall into bad habits at home.  Or the family dynamic is such that they struggle to implement the coping skills and strategies learned in therapy to effectively regulate themselves at home.  Many parents need additional support in changing the environment on the front lines.

Common Counseling Concerns:

  • Power struggles
  • Parental disagreement and questioning of appropriate parenting strategies
  • Negative attention seeking behavior
  • Household/Homework responsibility completion
  • Separation anxiety
  • Emotional regulation

Kids don’t come with a manual and parents often feel like they are left to their own devices to "wing it."  We offer counseling in the office as well as support in the home, to observe the struggles first-hand, provide explicit instruction and create a step-by-step blueprint to make lasting change.