Marriage, Couples & Family Counseling

"If you want to improve your golf swing, or your business bottom line, you hire a coach.  Why wouldn't you do the same thing for your relationships?"

Parent & Family Support

Sometimes we can make effective change in other environments but fall into bad habits at home.  Or the family dynamic is such that family members struggle to implement the coping skills and strategies learned in therapy to effectively regulate themselves at home.  Many families need additional support to change the environment on the front lines.

Elevate Counseling offers marriage and family counseling in the office as well as support in the home, to observe the struggles first-hand, provide explicit instruction, and create a step-by-step blueprint to make lasting change.

Family Counseling Concerns:

Marriage Counseling

Growing apart can take many forms.  Sometimes life gets complicated, and we forget how to express our feelings to each other. Relationship dynamics become stale or past hurts haunt us, making it difficult to move forward. You may shut down and begin to feel like a roommate or a stranger instead of a beloved partner.

You deserve to feel the love your partner has for you, and they deserve to feel your love. If this describes your relationship, there’s no better investment than seeking the support your relationship needs to truly thrive. Elevate Counseling has clinicians who specialize in helping couples restore love, trust, and true partnership.

Marriage Counseling Concerns:

  • Never Ending Arguments
  • Emotional Disconnection
  • Parental Disagreement on Parenting Strategies
  • Power Struggles
  • Blended Family Complications
  • Past Traumas Creating Current Triggers