QuaranTEENed Group

You May Be Distancing, But You’re Not Alone

QuaranTEENed Online Teen Group: The disruptions in routine and necessary social distancing due to the recent COVID-19 crisis have been especially hard on tweens and teens. They are going through hormonal changes and a developmental period where motivations to connect with others is at an all-time high.

If your child’s primary strategies for coping with stress (hanging out with friends, structured routine, extracurricular activities, sports/exercise) have been limited, they may need other strategies to manage stress and navigate these waters.

QuaranTEENed Is for Tweens or Teens Who:

  • Are struggling to manage the unknowns and uncertainty of our current “New Normal”
  • Are grieving the loss of canceled events and meaningful milestones
  • Are feeling irritable, anxious, depressed and dissatisfied
  • Want a supportive place to learn effective ways to cope with their stress and emotions

So That They Can:

  • Learn tools to manage their feelings while they are “stuck at home”
  • Relate with peers and feel understood
  • Gain perspective and shift their thinking
  • Combat negative thoughts when feeling overwhelmed

The Details:

QuaranTEENed Online Teen Group (separated into Middle School & High School Groups) will be held by video in order to keep in line with current social distancing recommendations. We are happy to answer questions and make sure that "group" is a good fit during a complimentary 15-minute parental phone consult. If it sounds like a good fit, we will schedule an abbreviated intake appointment to meet with your child. Schedule your complimentary screening below.

Dates and Times: Groups meet in once a week and run for 1 hour.

Cost of Group: Group fees are paid upfront and charged weekly at the rate of $40 per session. The 30-minute initial intake session is $40. Fees are nonrefundable without prior authorization.

Seats are limited to 8 so everyone has a space and can be heard.

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