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Could Executive Functioning Weaknesses Explain Your Teen’s Behavior?

Elevate Counseling: supporting your teen with executive functioning skills

By: Lauren Adams Sometimes, it can be hard to know if your teen’s more rebellious or careless behaviors arenormal, or if you should be concerned. You might get differing opinions from other parents in your life, making it hard to figure out the best way to support your teen. Fortunately, there is likely a reasonable…

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Supporting Your Teen Through Grief

How To Support Your Teen Through Grief

Grief is one of the most painful, confusing experiences we go through as humans. The permanence of death is hard to grapple with and comes with feelings of denial, shock, anger, and sadness, among others. As adults, our own confusion, pain, and consideration of things like the meaning of life and death following the loss…

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Supporting Your Gifted Teen With Self-Advocacy 

How to Support your gifted child with self-advocacy

By: Lauren Adams Research shows that gifted children and teens can struggle with a multitude of mental health concerns such as perfectionism, low self-esteem, and social isolation (Shenfield, 2022). As a parent, it makes sense to want to protect your child and give them a voice to ensure their access to adequate resources to bolster…

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The Benefits of Starting Therapy

How do you know if you need therapy? When people learn I’m a therapist, they will often share a detail or two about their personal life. Maybe they have a child who is a “perfectionist” and this is creating a lot of undue stress for them. Or they are an “overthinker,” often replaying conversations they’ve…

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Getting Unstuck From Sticky Thoughts

don't think of a polar bear: shifting thoughts

Have you ever had a seemingly irrational thought or worry get stuck in your head no matter how hard you tried to ignore it? Let’s do a thought experiment: for the next 60 seconds, think about anything that you want to think about. You can reflect on your new favorite podcast, that funny TikTok video,…

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