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Stomping out ANTS

I remember as a very young child playing outside on a warm summer day. I was fixated on a group of yard toys while sitting on the ground in my summer shorts. Then I felt a sharp sting on my leg. Several more followed. I looked down and realized I was covered in angry fire…

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8 Mental Tricks that Keep You From Happiness: Cognitive Distortions

Grounding Techniques Elevate Counseling

Living in Phoenix requires having a good pair of sunglasses. I often forget that I’m even wearing them. Our brains adjust to the lenses that filter out the bright rays and it appears as though we are seeing things accurately. This same phenomenon happens with our thoughts. Our brain makes leaps to fill in the…

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Reach Your Goals While Enjoying The Ride: Goal Setting

I definitely have a Type A personality. If you’ve read anything about the traits of first-born children, that’s me. I used a day planner until I purchased my first smartphone, and continue to carry a notebook for “to do” lists with me at all times. In fact, I can be so productive that I WILL…

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Don’t Think of A Pink Elephant

Have you ever had a thought or a worry that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard you tried to ignore it? Did you know that research shows that trying not to think about something can often make intrusive thoughts more difficult to ignore? Let’s Try An Experiment For the next 30 seconds, think about…

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Can’t Sleep? How To Get Those Zzz’s

I love to sleep. My family makes fun of me because I am the earliest to bed each night. But the joke’s on them because I am always the most well-rested! One out of three Americans report that they don’t get enough sleep each night. The National Sleep Foundation recommends an average of 8 hours of Zzz’s per…

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