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Traumatic Experiences Change Your Brain. Literally

Elevate Counseling: EMDR For Trauma

Research shows that the brain stores traumatic experiences differently than other memories. Are you easily triggered into negative emotions? Do you KNOW you are overreacting, but you just can’t stop yourself in the moment? I often hear these comments in my counseling office and people are sometimes surprised when I tell them that an earlier,…

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Is “Emotional Baggage” Affecting Your Relationships?

Don't let emotional baggage affect your relationship

I don’t want her to go through what I went through” I often meet with concerned parents (mothers in particular) who fear for their daughter’s emotional stability as they move into high school.  The conversation with me often reveals that the mother had her own struggles in high school, be it grades, social pressures, or…

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Struggling With Imposter’s Syndrome?

What is Imposter's Syndrome? Elevate Counseling

Do you feel you are undeserving of your successes? I recently sat down with a client whom I hadn’t seen for quite some time.  She had moved to a new area and had started a new job after graduating from college.  She found herself feeling anxious in the transition. “I feel like my boss is…

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How Trauma Affects The Brain

The impact of trauma on the brain and EMDR: Elevate Counseling

How Trauma Affects The Brain I’m often asked about the impact of traumatic experiences on the brain. People wonder why it is that these memories are so much more vivid and impactful compared to mundane, or even “happy” memories. What is Trauma? Psychological Trauma  is a specific type of damage to the mind as a…

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Who’s Carrying Your Emotional Baggage?

Tips To Break Free From Emotional Baggage

My family just got back from a trip to New York We were meeting my family for a 5-day trip to explore the city, take in the sites, and reconnect.  Before leaving each of us packed our bags for the trip. My two boys and husband filled their bags about 3/4 full, while I filled…

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