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Stuck on Catastrophic Thoughts?

As an expert in anxiety disorders, I spend a lot of time talking with people about catastrophic thoughts.  As a side note, I’m married to a news reporter, so I also spend a lot of time at home continuing the speculation on catastrophic possibilities.  With all of that exposure, I’ve had a lot of opportunities…

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8 Mental Tricks that Keep You From Happiness: Cognitive Distortions

Grounding Techniques Elevate Counseling

Living in Phoenix requires having a good pair of sunglasses. I often forget that I’m even wearing them. Our brains adjust to the lenses that filter out the bright rays and it appears as though we are seeing things accurately. This same phenomenon happens with our thoughts. Our brain makes leaps to fill in the…

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Don’t Think of A Pink Elephant

Have you ever had a thought or a worry that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard you tried to ignore it? Did you know that research shows that trying not to think about something can often make intrusive thoughts more difficult to ignore? Let’s Try An Experiment For the next 30 seconds, think about…

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