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Struggling To Catch Your Breath?

Coping with stress

The Toll Of Physical Stress And Emotional Stress “Brian” my “running buddy” (you may think differently when you hear my story), helps me demonstrate a good lesson about coping with stress in this video!   My takeaways for you today:  Coping skills are to cope. You can’t avoid problems altogether, but it does make it…

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Flipping The Switch On Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Have you ever made a “prediction” about how something would go, and had things turn out exactly as planned? Maybe you wake up and think—for no specific reason — today is going to be a bad day. Then it turns out that your coffee is cold, you hit every red light on your way to…

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Is “Emotional Baggage” Affecting Your Relationships?

Don't let emotional baggage affect your relationship

I don’t want her to go through what I went through” I often meet with concerned parents (mothers in particular) who fear for their daughter’s emotional stability as they move into high school.  The conversation with me often reveals that the mother had her own struggles in high school, be it grades, social pressures, or…

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Is “Self-Sabotage” Real? A Common Myth Regarding Health Goals

I often hear people say that they are  guilty of “self-sabotage.” They use this in terms of relationships, dieting, work opportunities, and general happiness. It’s the idea of self-defeating behavior that prohibits a person from reaching their own goals. But is “self-sabotage” a real thing? Do we really intentionally keep ourselves from happiness? Most often, upon…

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8 Mental Tricks that Keep You From Happiness: Cognitive Distortions

Grounding Techniques Elevate Counseling

Living in Phoenix requires having a good pair of sunglasses. I often forget that I’m even wearing them. Our brains adjust to the lenses that filter out the bright rays and it appears as though we are seeing things accurately. This same phenomenon happens with our thoughts. Our brain makes leaps to fill in the…

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