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Who’s Carrying Your Emotional Baggage?

Tips To Break Free From Emotional Baggage

My family just got back from a trip to New York We were meeting my family for a 5-day trip to explore the city, take in the sites, and reconnect.  Before leaving each of us packed our bags for the trip. My two boys and husband filled their bags about 3/4 full, while I filled…

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Computer Limits Not Sticking? You Need A Screen-Time Contract

Is screen-time a hot-button issue in your house?  🔽🔽  Watch The Video Below 🔽🔽 This electronic tug-of-war is a problem that most parents face. And as the mother of two boys, I can relate on both a personal and a professional level. The current recommendations by mental health professionals is a total of no more than 2 hours…

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Stress Eating: What Are You Trying To Feed?

What Is Stress Eating? Stress eating or “emotional eating” is eating in an attempt to make yourself feel better.  In other words, to feed a psychological need rather than a grumbling stomach.  Too often we feed our bodies when it’s our souls that are starving. If this is you, don’t beat yourself up.  Biologically, stress…

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Do you teach your kids to make fear-based decisions?

This weekend is Father’s Day. One of the most valuable lessons that I learned from my dad was the art of cool-headed, active listening. To this day, I can’t think of a single time that I heard him yell.  This doesn’t mean that I didn’t get clear messages from him when I had crossed a…

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Stuck on Catastrophic Thoughts?

As an expert in anxiety disorders, I spend a lot of time talking with people about catastrophic thoughts.  As a side note, I’m married to a news reporter, so I also spend a lot of time at home continuing the speculation on catastrophic possibilities.  With all of that exposure, I’ve had a lot of opportunities…

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