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The Power Of “Fear Conditioning” On Memory

The Power of Fear Conditioning: Elevate Counseling

Ever wonder why bad memories seem to affect you more than good ones?  This is the power of our Limbic System and “Fear Conditioning.” 🔽🔽🔽 Watch The Video 🔽🔽🔽 The Limbic System Explained When we have an experience where we get anxious, scared, or emotional, we send our limbic system into overdrive.  The limbic system is…

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Invisible Scars: How My Car Accident Changed Everything

Invisible Scars the power of CBT and EMDR

How I Discovered The Effectiveness Of Trauma Therapy One morning in August 2016 I was on my way to school (I was a teacher at the time). It was the second day of the school year and I was excited. I drove the same route that I had the last two years. I would get…

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How Emotions Override Your Brain

How Emotions Can Override Your Brain: Elevate Counseling

Stuck in negative (or annoying) thought patterns? Do you continually find yourself reacting to situations or behaving in ways that you know aren’t helpful, but you can’t seem to get out of the pattern? Perhaps you know that you are “overreacting” in the moment, but you just can’t seem to “help” yourself. Your emotions override…

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How Trauma Affects The Brain

The impact of trauma on the brain and EMDR: Elevate Counseling

How Trauma Affects The Brain I’m often asked about the impact of traumatic experiences on the brain. People wonder why it is that these memories are so much more vivid and impactful compared to mundane, or even “happy” memories. What is Trauma? Psychological Trauma  is a specific type of damage to the mind as a…

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Are you a victim of trauma? What you may not realize about stressful events 

Do you wonder if you are a victim of trauma?  Psychological trauma is a specific type of damage to the mind as a result of a severely distressing event or series of events. Sufferers of trauma may develop extreme anxiety, anger, sadness, relationship issues, sleep problems, or PTSD. Trauma happens to everyone. It can be physical, mental, or emotional.  Many…

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