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Individual Therapy

Therapy is about much more than a "place to vent," or a "listening ear."  Our approach to therapy is strengths-based and solution-focused, through scientifically-validated research-based interventions that address your personal struggles.

Individual Therapy: Adult

Individual Therapy: Teen


Teen Groups And Workshops

42% of teens report that they are stressed, but don't feel that they have the tools to manage their stress effectively.  Elevate Counseling offers groups that are designed help teens learn these tools and develop the skills necessary to succeed!

Teen Groups And Workshops


Homework / Organizational Coaching

Does your child struggle to start or complete homework?  Are you overwhelmed by missing assignments? Do YOU struggle with organization in YOUR home or work day? Elevate Counseling's Organizational Coaches can provide support in organizing your workload, explicitly teach the necessary skillset for managing multiple demands, and help your family stay on top of your game.

Homework / Organizational Coaching


Parent's Workshop Series

Parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences of life. But the path of parenting is not without its bumps. Parents often ask themselves, "Am I doing the right things to help my child grow into the best person they can be?" We're here to help.

Parent's Workshop Series