Motivating Passt Good Intention

Why Is Procrastination SO tempting? How To Move Past Good Intentions

Why is Procrastination SO tempting?

Procrastination is powerful because it’s IMMEDIATELY rewarding.  Think about it: You slowly wake up in your comfy bed Saturday morning. You don’t want to get up to go to the gym or do your list of chores. You think about the pain and discomfort that your previously created plan will impose. Maybe you believe what you ate last night is going to make this morning much more difficult.  You think about all of the demands on your day and your time. This rush of negative feelings actually triggers the brain to encourage you to avoid the hard task in front of you. The brain means well. But biologically speaking, it is defaulting to the path of least resistance.

When you relent, (even if you know that following your morning’s plan is better for you in the long run) a rush of relief runs through your system. PROCRASTINATION feels GOOD in the moment! It’s only later, that the feelings of regret, guilt, and reality sets in.

So, how do we push past procrastination to reach our goals?

Explaining this very human tendency, and what you can do about it is the topic I tackled this month on North Phoenix Mom’s Collective. Follow the link if you need tips for putting your procrastinating tendencies in their place!

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Jamie Dana

Jamie Dana

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